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Learning Journey Portfolio

Learning Journey Portfolio

How do you know how your child’s doing?

A Learning Journey Portfolio is an open record of a child’s learning and development. Every child’s learning journey is unique; it takes a personal path based on their own individual interests and experiences; telling the story of each child’s developmental progression. We will involve you, as parents, as part of the on-going observation and assessment process. We will use our observations to identify areas of development, plan to meet your child’s individual needs and help them progress. Upon enrolment with the Pre-School we will ask you to complete an “All About Me” form with your child. This will be the start of your child’s Learning Journey Portfolio; over time we will add the following:

  • examples of children’s work photographs
  • information about your child’s current interests
  • formal and spontaneous observations
  • plans for next steps for learning

Information from the Learning Journey Portfolio will provide an ongoing summary of your child; reflecting on progress over time. We have regular consultation meetings and opportunities for you to formally review and discuss your child’s Learning Journey Portfolio with us. It will be available for you to see at any time and something for you to take home to treasure once your child leaves Pre-School.