The Learning Hub

Connect to Learn


Our Aim

Our goal is for all children to have a happy, loving, safe, and of course fun environment that they look forward to coming to every day!

  • * to give children wish to learn to meet the individual needs of all children; helping them to progress at their own rate, while extending their knowledge, understanding and skills
  • * to provide a rich, varied environment supporting children’s learning and development; giving them the confidence to explore and learn in secure, safe, yet challenging indoor and outdoor spaces
  • * to maintain adult - child ratios, giving generous care and attention to all children
  • * to have a strong parent partnership
  • * to use an effective early childhood curriculum to help children learn and develop through play
  • * to encourage children to form effective relationships with other children and adults
  • * to provide a wide range of resources, activities and opportunities to broaden children’s experiences and awareness of the world around them
  • * to provide opportunities for children to learn to self-care; helping them to gain a sense of self-respect and concern for their own personal hygiene and care. as well as supporting the development of independence skills
  • * to support every child to develop into a secure, confident, imaginative and creative learner to make school “a fun place to be”